Vision and mission of sahara

Sahara Spirit Foundation envisions better and positive changes in the lives of the Moroccan people. Giving our children access to quality education helps individuals uplift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. We embrace the importance of having access to excellent medical care, safe housing job opportunities and other socio-economic affairs in the country.

Vision and mission of sahara

The group operates more than 5, establishments spread across pan India [5] with the employee strength around 1. It also owns Sahara Onea general entertainment channel; Filmya Hindi movie channel; and Firangian entertainment channel.

Sahara Samay received the "Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award" in for its network newsroom technology.

Vision and mission of sahara

Finance[ edit ] Sahara has interests in insurance and asset management. Sahara also announced hiringsales personnel and customer care executives.

This hospital became operational in February and is currently operating with approximately beds, including bed Critical Care Infrastructure which is expandable to beds. He has put in place a team which consists of members from top universities and colleges across India and abroad.

In OctoberSahara purchased Sahara has claimed that the said bonds are hybrid product, thus does not come under the jurisdiction of SEBI, instead is governed by Registrar of Companies ROC under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, from which the two companies of Sahara has already taken permission and submitted the red herring prospectus with ROC before issuing the bonds.

SEBI in return ordered Sahara's two companies to stop issuing the said bonds and return money to investors. Sahara contested the case in various courts which eventually came to Supreme Court of India. On June 14,during the final hearing of the casethe group had provided details of its financials up to April 30, By August 31, the date of Supreme Court order, the group repaid majority of its OFCD investors between May the last date of hearing and by August 30, the final order.

Since these repayments have not been taken into consideration, Sahara maintains that any money paid now will obviously mean a double payment towards one liability. It is also been reported that Sahara has paid Rs The income tax authorities had found that the beneficiary investors were existent and accordingly confirmed the repayments made in those particular years.

Apparently, this had resulted into a huge traffic jam on outskirts of Mumbai, where the regulator is headquartered. And since August Sebi has only refunded Rs. On Octobera shocking revelation was made when only around 4, investors in two Sahara group companies had come forward to claim refunds from the Securities and Exchange Board of India Sebiwhich had asked those who had purchased bonds issued by the entities to claim their money.

This gave a valid point to Sahara's argument before courts that it had repaid most of the investors who had come forward to claim the investment which they had made in bonds issued by two group companies. He was granted interim bail by the Supreme Court on 26 March on the condition that he would deposit the huge bail amount of Rs 10, crore.

Despite the double payment for single liability, Sahara India has been continuously depositing money of around Rs 20, crore including interest earned in Sahara-Sebi account. There were 25 medical health unit vans equipped with doctors and free medicines made available and It was said by the group that, they will contribute to the rehabilitation program by constructing 10, pre-fabricated houses.Sahara Ventures Mission Building a stable innovation technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.

Sahara Petroleum International (SPI) is a multi-disciplined company based in Kuwait since It is the leading Kuwaiti company in the Arabian Gulf region with substantial interest in the Oil & Gas sector. Toggle navigation. Search; Committees; Submit Motion; Agendas; Resources; Contacts; Admin; SessionSync; Message Board.

Vision. To champion the social and economic transformation of the people of Africa. Mission. We champion the transformation of lives and livelihoods through the development and implementation of innovative programmes that leverage existing infrastructure and link partners to .

About State Vision. On behalf of the American people we promote and demonstrate democratic values and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. O ur vision is simple. We want SAHARA to be known as the company that innovates - inside and out - better than any other company in the world.

We are a company committed to the constant pursuit of progressively higher levels of excellence in service to both the customer and the community.