Pest analysis of banking sector in india

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Pest analysis of banking sector in india

The bank has its headquarters based in Mumbai, India. It is known to be the largest private sector bank in India. The bank is popular for providing a range of financial and banking services and products including retail and corporate banking, venture capital, private equity, insurance, and corporate finance.

Funds are mobilized more proficiently in a stable political environment. However, if the political environment is unstable, it might lead to create credit risks for the bank. It influences the investment of a country because of future doubts. Hence, it can be seen how the political environment can affect the banking sector in many ways.

It has a well-diversified economy.

Pest analysis of banking sector in india

Banks have been very significant in financing private sector due to the limitations of fund raising options. The banking sector in India is at high credit risk. It owes to the less developed legal framework which leads to lower recovery and late payments.

The regulations of banking in India are similar to the standards of other countries. Regardless of this, the rural areas are deprived of the basic facilities of banking.

The rural areas have been untouched by banking. Small businessman and farmers have to take loans from the local sellers. Many people are looking forward to electronic systems of transferring funds with personal experiences.


In this era of technology and information, the youth is always updated and can evaluate the results informatively. They are able to take their decisions themselves and manage their finances as well.

Banking now focuses on customer centric approach, Internet banking, ATMs, universal banking, core banking, and many more. This has increased efficiency and productivity.

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Moreover, the payments made through cherubs have also decreased. Today the virtual banking concept has reduced costs and provides better customer service. This allows the banks to sell the underlying assets without the involvement of court.

Furthermore, many banks have created means for the process of recovery and checked their wrong doings. The Tsunami in affected the growth of industry as it had a great impact in the south-western India. It is necessary to study this analysis to get a brief overview of the company.PESTEL-PESTLE Analysis of Banking Industry.

The PESTEL analysis of banking sector is used as a strategic tool which helps to aid and assist the banking company growth. A PESTLE analysis will provide a clear path which anyone with good business knowledge can follows.

The analysis will offer an outward look and the environment . PESTLE analysis India. No description by Julie McIntosh on 17 April Tweet. far different way compared to western businesses India’s first technology evolution came in the shape of the service sector In the last 10 years India has been falling behind in terms of their technology infrastructure.

Banking Industry PESTEL analysis The banking industry is a highly fragmented one made up of various segments including retail banking, corporate and investment banking as well as asset and wealth management. During the period from Come, let us strive together to turn this resolve into reality” – Atal Bihari Vajpayee 5 PEST ANALYSIS BANKING SECTOR POLITICAL AND LEGAL ENVIRONMENT The advent of liberalization and globalization had seen a lot of changes in the focus of Reserve Bank of India as a regulator of the banking industry.

After independence, Indian Banking sector grew consistently.

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After the nationalization of banks, the branches of public sector banks in India rose to approximately % in deposits and advances took a huge jump by 11,%. According to IBM’s. The Indian economic sector contributes in the service sector with 69% of total GDP, wholesale and retail trade with 23%, financial institution and real estate sector with 17% and these sectors play the vital role in the economic development of India.

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