In what ways are modern societies

Reflection Experience I have personally been pressured to behave and dress in more traditionally feminine ways by my mother and sisters. This often goes against my nerdy, tomboyish nature, especially since I do not enjoy wearing things like earrings, high-heels, most bright colors, or frilly clothes - the types of things that are equated to femininity. I also do not often act as elegant or passive as my mother would prefer, but rather I am generally blunt, cynical, awkward, and geeky.

In what ways are modern societies

To me, both societies torture political prisoners. Our government has waterboarded controlled drowning suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in order to get them to talk.

Look what Russian P. To me, I disagree with the first editor. Vladimir Putin has done against his enemies: To me, both societies use technological surveillance to monitor excessively and invade privacy.

During the last 24 hours, even as I type, I have been profiled at least 50 times by such entities as Google, spyware, cameras at my school, traffic cameras, advertisers, credit card companies, this website.

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It's capitalism's version of tracking us, our spending, our searches, our likes, dislikes, fetishes--all in the name of the economy. But it's still surveillance. It's not the boogey-man profiling ofbut it's still profiling.

We're all watching each other. We were keeping our eye on When the year came and the prophecy didn't, thoughtful Americans sang softly in praise of themselves. The roots of liberal democracy had held. Wherever else the terror had happened, we, at least, had not been visited by Orwellian nightmares.

But we had forgotten that alongside Orwell 's dark vision, there was another - slightly older, slightly less well known, equally chilling: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Contrary to common belief even among the educated, Huxley and Orwell did not prophesy the same thing.

In what ways are modern societies

Orwell warns that we will be overcome by an externally imposed oppression. But in Huxley's vision, no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy, maturity and history.

As he saw it, people will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.Nevertheless, in many of the modern societies today, there is no need for traditional gender roles, because both men and women are able to do many of the same necessary tasks, thereby making gender-specific behaviors irrelevant.

In what ways are modern societies different from previous types? Describe three of the most significant differences. Over many years, societies have had to develop and adapt to the way the world is changing. Pastoral societies differed from agricultural village societies in all of the following ways pastoral societies relied more heavily on animalsc.

agricultural village societies were more prevalent in the Americas than were pastoral tranceformingnlp.comal societies were more mobile than agricultural societies.

In the modern society, religion has been replaced with liberal ideas of freedom of "expression" that ask for little in the way of acting morally.

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It is a dangerous path to get further from religion, and one can only hope future societies begin to embrace it again. Others say that one can imitate this in a way and apply this to modern societies. Do you think the ways of the hunter gatherers can be disconnected from that lifestyle and be applied to different.

Modern societies show a cultural, liberal growth as well. These societies put an increasing emphasis on equality and education for everyone as seen in the wide-reaching civil rights movements. Colonization and increasing political elements are also key aspects of modernity.

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