How to be a real iskolar

Transportation[ edit ] Muntinlupa can be accessed through private vehicles, buses, jeepneys, taxis and tricycles.

How to be a real iskolar

Clearly indecisive, I took college exams for the mere reason of trying, and just to have numerous options to where I can head to.

I did not dream big. UP is not my first option because I did not consider it achievable based on my capabilities.

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But I tried anyway, and here I am now working my way UP. Even if I was halfhearted in taking the exams that time, I am truly grateful for those who pushed me and encouraged me to do it. Here are the tips on how to ace — or at least pass! First off, plan your future.

How to be a real iskolar

What do you really want, which career path do you wish to pursue, what universities do you prefer. This is crucial in narrowing the confusing path of choosing the right course and campus fit for you.

Deciding on the right courses and campus in your UPCAT application is important because it can contribute to your chance of passing the top university of the country.

In my senior high school years, I studied in a medical school. I was sure that my dream is to be in that field, but I was unsure if I have the skills it requires.

I most likely chose my courses based on my friends, and I did not mind because I did not actually think I will pass. Thinking of it now, I realized that I should have put in my real choices even if it seems impossible. Because it is more satisfying to work on your real dream in other universities than being in UP but working on the course you have no heart for.

Second, be physical and mentally prepared.

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Be sure to review ahead of time. Months before is ideal since the exam coverage is really long and time challenging. Then, refresh your mind with the lessons at least two weeks before the actual exam.

Then the day before UP, make sure to relax yourself and do other things aside from studying. This is important because the exam is truly exhausting and you may want to save all the energy for it. I failed to do this as well. I crammed reading my notes two days before, and I actually lost my test permit.

I had to go through long traffic before the exam time because I did not bother leaving earlier that day. I was also all sweaty, trying to take the exam without a permit.Consequently, I live my life, bearing it in mind that what I am doing someday will be used as a measure for judging me.

Therefore, if asked how I would like to be remembered, what I . Oblation Run paints UP Manila purple for Jo Lapira. NEWS; Oblation Run paints UP Manila purple for Jo Lapira. By Kathy Yamzon - Dec 7, people and to the cause she believed in was inspiring as she turned principles and values into something tangible and real, a great feat of its own.”.

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Steps to be a real Iskolar ng Bayan Undignified – this is what many of “Iskos and Iskas” have become after leaving the University and after experiencing a college life under the privilege of a scholarship using the money of the Filipinos.

One Response to Katarungan para sa Iskolar ng Bayan!A call to strike for JUSTICE! To Be an Iskolar Ng Bayan “Solar Eng banyan” are words which will forever be linked to each one of us studying here In this university.

How to be a real iskolar

They are usually just accepted by students absent-minded, without truly understanding the weight of being an “solar Eng banyan”.

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