Can a cardboard boat float essay

The beginning of Luke you are probably really familiar with. Do you know what story is in the beginning?

Can a cardboard boat float essay

Have some cardboard "beams" that are like seats in a canoe or rowboat, for the purpose of keeping the sides from collapsing in.

Can a cardboard boat float essay

Do you want seats too preferableor do you want to sit on the bottom? Considering a canoe type thin with some but not much flat space on the bottom versus a row boat with a lot more flat space, probably a canoe-type could go faster but would also be harder to control keep from turning on its side.

Can a cardboard boat float essay

If you had cardboard like normal shipping box cardboard, around an eighth of an inch thick, then maybe you would want 3 to 5 thicknesses of that for the floor and sides. To check the strength of it versus your weights, you could put some 4X4 pieces of wood on the floor, three of them, one at the front, one at the back, and one in the center.

Then put your thicknesses of cardboard down. Then one, then the other too, sit on the cardboard and see if it supports your weight so far. If it does, then I think it will be okay in the water especially if covered with several layers of duck tape. Or can you borrow those?


An off-the-top-of-my-head idea is to crosshatch the cardboard for greater strength. Take two-inch wide by four-foot strips to make the first layer of the sides of the boat.

Starting at the bow, bend the first piece with only a very small "floor" and two high sides you can trim the excess later. The next piece has a slightly bigger "floor" with two high sides.

Just guessing, maybe the sides should be like 22 inches high? Eventually as your floor gets bigger you will need strips longer than four feet to keep the two sides at 22 inches high. So, maybe every extra strip, duck-tape that to the strip before it.

Once you have a boat of vertical strips, then add horizontal strips all the way around, and then another layer of vertical strips. And maybe more layers after that. The link I have below, from a boat builder, says to use whole sheets of cardboard, not strips.

And like the link notes, be sure to have life preservers on, as the boat may well sink. Do you have a van available to transport it to the race? If a pickup truck, be sure to tie it down securely, front, middle, and back. The air would love to pick it up and start tearing at itAbstract Have you ever wondered how a ship made of steel can float?

Or better yet, how can a steel ship carry a heavy load without sinking?

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In this science project you will make little "boats" out of aluminum foil to investigate how their size and shape affects much weight they can carry and how this relates to the density of water. away — they came and went, as if they were lace for the breaking.

Cardboard Boat Challenge. Introduction. Boats come in all sizes, shapes, and colors! And, some have trouble going the same direction as others!

Have you ever wondered how a large supertanker filled with oil can float? Project Gutenberg Australia a treasure-trove of literature treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership. In cardboard boats, float or swim You can't judge a cardboard boat on shore. The real test came once the hit the water at the Nanticoke Marina Check out this story on http.

Can a cardboard boat float? Three out of four cardboard canoes built by Tioga High School's principles of engineering students did at Lake Buhlow in Pineville.