Biometrics identification attendance monitoring system

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Biometrics identification attendance monitoring system

Educational institutions recognize the threat of insecurity to their children and are starting to adopt biometric identification systems to protect the students under their care. A growing trend is that biometric access control devices are being used to grant access to classrooms, colleges, universities and other service areas like canteens, dormitories and recreational facilities.

Biometric technology can provide many benefits in terms of convenience, safety and security. In particular, individual pupils can be identified at the till by an automated biometric recognition mechanism and pay for the meal with the cost of their lunch being automatically deducted from the credit paid in advance by the parents.

Besides, another well-known application is using biometrics for tracking the attendance of students and teachers. In details, an automated biometric system for recording attendance will be installed at the school gate or in class to identify the students and teachers for every roll-call.

Once biometrics is being used successfully in one part of a school, the technology is usually embraced in other areas as well.

Eagan High School, a testing ground for education technology since it opened, allowed willing students to use fingerprint readers to speed up the borrowing of library books. The use of biometric technology continued widening to the UK and first introduced in Fast-forward toreports indicated that 1.

Nowadays, the use of this technology in schools has become wider spread in other countries in Europe Belgium, Sweden, France, Italy, etc. InSunderland brought in fingerprint-scanning devices for lectures on its London campus, replacing traditional paper registers.

Besides, within the year, Henan University of Technology in Henan Province and Minjiang University in Fujian Province of China have deployed facial recognition systems to track student attendance.

Educate market is having a growing demand in many biometric applications. With the use of biometrics, it can address many problems occurring from elementary to university such as class attendance, library books borrowing, cashless canteen systems, vending machines, school trips and tours, and bus journeys.

Schools will be capable of monitoring teacher performance on class, in school and allow them to have limited authorization to access different resources and report accurately the teaching status.

The increase in demand of biometrics for education forces many biometric companies to adopt and develop the technologies to meet the market demand and provide children the best secure and convenient education environment.Fingkey Access is a compact, stylish & only waterproof fingerprint access control system with features available in India.

Its very popular in offices, buildings for both indoor & outdoor use. It work along with other products in NAC series like NAC Plus & NAC which are most popular access [ ].

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Biometric technology is becoming increasingly more powerful and cost-effective, and it has been making inroads into education sector. Educational institutions recognize the threat of insecurity to their children and are starting to adopt biometric identification systems to protect the students under their care.

Biometrics is a Growing Identification Technology It’s no secret that biometric technology deployments are on the rise. Increasingly, retailers are catching on to the unique benefits and security that biometric technology offers to positively identify an individual by their physiological characteristics instead of through ID cards, personal identification numbers or passwords.

The machine is the resolute this is managing statistics while number one involves employees’ attendance based resultant the fingerprints and it plays an effective operational purpose in biometric identification.

Biometrics identification attendance monitoring system

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Biometric Attendance System