An overview of the major accomplishments of william shakespeare

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An overview of the major accomplishments of william shakespeare

Who, really, was Charles Foster Kane? His clue that Kane was more than his public accomplishments is the last word Kane uttered: Kane never gets to tell his own life story, and we must wonder how much his telling of it would differ from the reminiscences of his associates.

None of these people ever really knew what drove Kane to do the things he did.

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Only Thatcher would have had the chance to fully understand Kane, but he was too concerned with making money to have any compassion for a lonely child. He viewed Kane through a distant, mature lens of acquisition and conservatism. Judging by Kane's last word, the most important pieces of his life were not the things that made him newsworthy, such as his newspaper successes and political ambitions, nor his friendships and associations.

Instead, as Kane's life comes to an end, he grasps at a memory from his childhood.

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His defining moment was the point where his life changed irrevocably for what appears to be the better, from a materialistic viewpoint, but which actually leaves him vulnerable and alone.

The American dream is hollow for Kane. As an adult, Kane uses his money and power not to build his own happiness but to either buy love or make others as miserable as he is.

Kane's wealth isolates him from others throughout the years, and his life ends in loneliness at Xanadu. He dies surrounded only by his possessions, poor substitutions for true companions. The Unreliability of Memory We learn the story of Charles Foster Kane from his acquaintances' recollections, not from the memories of the protagonist himself.

Bernstein's memories of Kane are colored by his unwavering admiration for him, which endured even as Kane became increasingly corrupt and withdrawn.

Thompson later meets with Leland, who is obviously suffering from the effects of old age. Susan Alexander recounts her life with Kane through an alcoholic haze, which negatively affects the accuracy of her memories as well.

These hazy recollections and idealizations are all that remain of Kane, a man who was once so powerful and larger-than-life. No matter how monumental his achievements, even a man like Kane will eventually be forgotten.Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is a state-chartered magnet school located in Fairfax County and is ranked #1 in the nation for Best Academics -- Public High Schools in America.

Development of world-renowned writings, working as an actor and identification as England's national poet are three of William Shakespeare's major accomplishments. Not much is known of his life beyond these activities.


Shakespeare was born in and is known for some of the greatest plays and. The Life and Achievements of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway on November 28, She was from a small village, called Shottery, and was the local farmer's daughter.

An overview of the major accomplishments of william shakespeare

At age 26, she was 8 years older than he was. Their first child, Susanna, was born 6 months later, on May 26th William Shakespeare's Life & Accomplishments.

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William Shakespeare's Accomplishments ,his folio was published by his friend' folio was included by his sonnet's,37 plays and 2 long poem' William Shakespeare also did is invented and changed made up spelling and a lyrical vocabulary that he invented is still being used.

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