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Fatemeh Ghaem-Maghami Murder Case Reopened Koroush Salimi 12 Jun An Iranian judge has decided to reopen the 9-year-old mysterious murder case of a flight attendant which was initially closed because of the interference and lobbying of top intelligence officials at the time. An Iranian judge has decided to reopen the 9-year-old mysterious murder case of a flight attendant which was initially closed because of the interference and lobbying of top intelligence officials at the time. Some of the former intelligence officials who may have been involved in the murder currently hold positions in the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which has prompted about the motivations behind the reopening.

8019 chernobyl essay gt1 inmotion todayspictures.slate.com

While Communism established a dictatorship of the proletariat, Communitarianism is a dictatorship of the community.

It is called the next step, the more advanced stage of human social evolution. From this clash, a fortunate synthesis is supposed to emerge when the whole world will descend into chaos and all the sides of every conflict will surrender to one single ideology. Communitarianism pretends to be that final synthesis in the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic.

Of course, there is no synthesis. This Communitarianism is really just a form of Communism, being offered with a different gravy in order to please modern tastes.

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It is also a way to present Communism, which is intrinsically evil as Pope Pius XI wrote in Divini Redemptorisas equal to Capitalism, which is not intrinsically evil.

The last two Popes have been spreading this myth also, pretending the two systems are equally bad, causing confusion in the Catholic faithful. Even many conservative and traditionalist Catholics are falling for this ruse.

The winner, of course, is Communitarianism, and all the socialist variants that lead to it or support it.

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The controllers This seems to be the old battle plan to achieve the world domination in a new form. Coudenhove Kalergijustifiably regarded by many as the "godfather" of the European Union.

It began with the publishing of his manifesto Paneuropawhich presented the idea of a unified European State. This is what is touted today as the full globalization of the world markets.

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The role of usury The chosen economists first needed to structure an illegitimate money power without any public mandate drawing its strength from usury and the distorted capitalism of the monopolies. They did this of course, with powerful centralized systems like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Among the important sources of the great power in the 20th and 21st century we find big money, and the root of it, an immoral and illicit usury, that is, the manipulation of economy to lend money at disproportionate interest rates.

Philip Jones gives us an example: Now, as we try to ride out our present woes, we are told that money is scarce. Why is it scarce?

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Because the same people who were lending it so willingly, are no longer doing so. Then, with the people in fear for their existence and terrified of what the future might bring, demanding naively that something be done, they come up with the solution they had planned all along: The middle classes emerge so badly damaged from this situation that their economical power base no longer exists.

It is how the socialist leveling process enters the system.

8019 chernobyl essay gt1 inmotion todayspictures.slate.com

The subversion of culture This communitarian process also subverts national and regional culture, including literature and art, as well as undermines family and morality. This has been achieved through a diabolical program of culture distortion, promoting subversive genres of popular music, ever more degrading and perverse forms of pornography, theater and cinema that distort reality and show an inverted and corrupted ideal of what is natural and moral.

Homosexuality is promoted to break the model of marriage according to the natural law, and every kind of decadence is encouraged. Satanic looking rock stars and immodest and openly immoral single mother movie stars are touted as role models for the youth.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 Public hearings have not been well attended, statements mostly in favor of the plan to put all of the nuclear waste in the country in this one sacred place.

This undermining and subversion of the culture is openly promoted and encouraged by the media, also controlled by the Communitarian plutocracy bent on the centralization and uniformization of every aspect of society.May 27,  · Visit new EX-SKF Shop!Make a statement on the economy, finance, politics.

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Jan 21,  · Gaschak has been photographing animals near Chernobyl since He uses camera traps with motion detectors to capture some of the animals, but he sees and photographs plenty of them in person: lynx, otters, eagle owls, Przewalski’s horses, several species of bats, and footprints of brown bears.

Local papers & media spin have recently stated that opposition to the nuke dump had dropped of since the passing of Corbin Harney. The nuclear reps are confident to the point of acting like it's a done deal. Apr 26,  · I was born 3 days after Chernobyl in Odessa Ukraine, moved here when I was four.

Jan 17,  · Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. research paper Carrollton chernobyl essay gt1 inmotion todayspictures slate com Brighton.

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